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Washing Machine With Cup Brush

Washing Machine With Cup Brush
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Glass washing and drying machine for solar glass consists of pre-spraying section, washing section with detergent, washing section with cup brush, rinsing section, further washing section and air drying section. Our Glass washer machine has made reliable performance, reasonable design, convenient operation, high efficiency, excellent soil removal and high washing performance. Welcome to contact us if you are in market for the fast washing machine, customized service is welcome!

Type Max. size of glass Min. size of glass Thickness Speed Power
QX13(M.B.BP)-HD 1300 300*300 2-12 6-12 21.23-55.34
QX16(M.B.BP)-HD 1600 300*300 2-12 6-12 33.23-58.57
QX18(M.B.BP)-HD 1800 300*420 2-19 6-12 33.23-64.57
QX20(M.B.BP)-HD 2000 300*420 2-19 6-12 23.23-67.38
QX22(M.B.BP)-HD 2200 300*400 2-19 6-12 23.23-75.72
QX25(M.B.BP)-HD 2500 300*420 2-19 6-12 26.86-78.72


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