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The Introduce Of New Glass On The Market


Glass machine service for glass, so glass machines from glass machine company have great relationship with glass. In our daily life, we can see all kinds of glass machines on the market. Glass machine such as glass washing machine, glass double edging machine, glass beveling machine, etc. are very popular. There are variety of glass machine, so as glass. Let’s recognize some new glass on the market. 

Tempered glass
The processing of tempered glass is heated the glass to near the glass transition temperature (650 ℃), obtained glass products by rapidly cooling or chemically steel processing. It has good mechanical properties and thermal shock resistance. It can withstand a certain energy impact or external temperature changes without breaking. Even broken, the piece of glass is broken into small particles like honeycomb obtuse and difficult to wounding, which has a certain degree of security. Tempered glass can not be cut , you need to cut a good size before steel, and have explosive properties. According to different purposes , it can be divided into fully tempered glass , semi-tempered glass , zone tempered glass, flat glass, curved tempered glass and other types. These tempered glass can be use in glass doors, senior architectural glass curtain wall , escalators fences, telephone booths and display cabinets. 

Crystal glass
It is the use of glass beads refractory mold in a cast. The smooth appearance of it with a variety of formats filaments mesh or imitation of natural stone decorative patterns. In addition, it has good strength, chemical stability and resistance to atmospheric corrosion. The reverse side is rough but good adhesion with the cement. This Is a glass plate decorative materials for the interior and exterior decoration. 

Hollow glass
Insulating glass is composed of two or more layers ordinary glass. Surrounded by high strength, high air tightness, composite binder, the two or more pieces of glass seal, glass adhesive sealing strip and drying gas filled in intermediate, box filled with desiccant to ensure the dryness of between the air and glass. This glass has the good function of heat insulation, sound insulation and energy-saving. You can always see it in workshop, the Airport Terminal, motor vehicles, freezer, senior construction, office and other residential buildings with insulation, sound insulation , energy-saving requirements. 

Mirror glass
It also known as polished glass, after polished to made from plate glass, it can be divided into sub -sided and double-sided with smooth and shiny surface. The transmittance greater than 84 and the thickness is of 46mm.