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Semi-Auto Laminated Glass Processing Line

Semi-Auto Laminated Glass Processing Line
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Having many years of experience in manufacturing the glass processing machinery, Handong's laminated glass machine is well made to meet all customers' demand and brings high values to all customers for its high performance and reasonable price. This Semi-auto glass laminating machine can help you save much energy on work. Various models and sizes for your choice. Customized is also available!

Specification, models and technical data

Model Max. glass width (mm) Min. glass size (mm) Glass thickness (mm) Power (kw) Capacity (m²/8h)
JC1660-HD 1600×6000 420 4-40 103.52 400
JC2060-HD 2000×6000 420 4-80 129.18 520
JC2560-HD 2500×6000 420 4-80 153.68 650
JC2580-HD 2500×8000 420 4-80 163.68 800
JC2590-HD 2500×9000 420 4-80 173.68 1000
JC3060-HD 3000×6000 450 4-80 193.47 1300
JC3280-HD 3200×8000 450 4-80 219.27 1400


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