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Low-e Glass Washing Machine

Low-e Glass Washing Machine
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Glass Washing machine as one good glass processing equipment, is specially used for glass cleaning, Handong's glass washer is produced with high technology and good service, to get a product effect of high precision, high performance, long service life, good effectiveness, etc. If you are looking for a glass processing industry of rich experience, Handong will be your good partner, looking forward to establishing long-term business relationship!

Specification, models and technical data

Model Max. glass width (mm) Min. glass size (mm) Glass thickness (mm) Power (kw)
4.5m/min 8m/min
QX16L-HD 1600 200×300 2-25 19.24 34.24
QX18L-HD 1800 300x300 2-25 23.80 38.50
QX20L-HD 2000 300×300 2-25 25.12 43.62
QX25L-HD 2500 300×300 2-25 28.62 47.12
QX30L-HD 3000 300×600 2-25 46.35 53.35
QX33L-HD 3300 300×600 2-25 46.35 53.35

Remark: Heating power of water tanks can be customized


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