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Heat Soak Furnace

Heat Soak Furnace
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Specification, models and technical data 
Heat soak furnace is assistant equipment in tempering glass production. Tempered glass can self-destruction even there is no any outside force because its internal character. Upon completion of glass tempering procedure, the glass ignition is tested in the heat soak furnace to ignite those tempering glasses with potential self- destruction in advance during test and avoid later self- destruction following installation. This greatly increases the safety and reliability of building. The machine is characteristic of computer in-process monitoring and controlling, multi curve display, date storage, record update and curve printing.
This machine is extended to be used in drying low melting glaze and pre-pressing of bending lamination glass. The glass tempering machine can be customized.
Reference: prEN14179-1:2001(E)

Model Max. glass size(mm)
Max. temperature Holding time Production capacity Total power Dimensions L*W*H
JZ2540-HD 2500*4000 340℃ 1-8h, adjustable 3000KG/ circle 259 5160*2520*4500
JZ2550-HD 2500*5000 340℃ 1-8h, adjustable 4000KG/ circle 313 6160*2520*4500
JZ2560-HD 2500*6000 340℃ 1-8h, adjustable 5000KG/ circle 361 7160*2520*4501
JZ2570-HD 2500*7000 340℃ 1-8h, adjustable 5500KG/ circle 409 8160*2520*4501
JZ3080-HD 3000*8000 340℃ 1-8h, adjustable 6000KG/ circle 532 9160*2520*5000
JZ30130-HD 3000*13000 340℃ 1-8h, adjustable 10000KG/ circle 821 14160*2520*5000


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