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Breaking Table With Air Cushion

Breaking Table With Air Cushion
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Specification, models and technical data
Breaking Glass Table with Air Cushion is designed to separate the glass panes after cutting. The machine is scientific designed with strong air-float strength and fine flatness. There are longitudinal and width wise plate-against device. It can work with both automatic and manual cutting machine. Handong with high technology and a professional working team, is committed to offer all customers the best quality glass air cushion flotation table product at bottom price, welcome to contact us!

Model Max. glass size
Platform size
Total power
BP2737-HD 2750*3650 3500*4600 1.8-1.9 6
BP3361-HD 3300*6100 3600*6900 3-20 8
BP33100-HD 3300*10000 3600*10800 3-20 12


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