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Automatic Laminated Glass Processing Line

Automatic Laminated Glass Processing Line
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Specification, models and technical data
Automatic laminated glass processing line including automatic loading machine, washing and drying machine, Transition conveyor(ⅠⅡⅢ), Automatic positioning station, Automatic sucker transferring unit, Assembling table, PVB film Unwinding machine, Pre-pressing machine, Tilting table for unloading and autoclave. It can be combined to meet customer requirements with different glass processing equipments.

Model Max. glass width
Min. glass size
Glass thickness
Power (kw) Capacity
JC1660Z-HD 1600×6000 420 4-40 99.77 650
JC2060Z-HD 2000×6000 420 4-80 152.21 800
JC2560Z-HD 2500×6000 420 4-80 152.21 1000
JC2580Z-HD 2500×8000 420 4-80 174.51 1300
JC2590Z-HD 2500×9000 420 4-80 174.51 1450
JC3060Z-HD 3000×6000 450 4-80 227.37 1600
JC3280Z-HD 3200×8000 450 4-80 241.12 1700




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